Benefits of Using a Treadmill Desk

The treadmill desk is one of the greatest inventions in recent history, it basically allows you to combine work and workout. The treadmill desk, at a walking pace, will enable you to keep burning fat for the entire day at work instead of just sitting at some table and chowing on donuts and sugar-laden foods.

There’s a “feel good” effect associated with that exercise, it radically boosts your energy level, give you better cognitive sense, and improve your focus at work. The treadmill desk is designed to accommodate your computer and some other items, the idea of a treadmill desk comes in when you just need to avoid those long hours of sitting. Sitting at work all day is a sedentary lifestyle and has been shown to have potential health risks, come with severe complications.

The rate at which sedentary workers are swapping the sitting desks for treadmill desks lately is impressive, an average sedentary worker sits at his or her desk for more than nine hours daily, aside from building unhealthy fat deposits in the body, sitting for long hours significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic. You can benefit your health immensely by incorporating the treadmill desk into your work to ensure you pace away the day while burning a good number of calories, studies have shown that you can burn as much as one hundred calories using the treadmill desk for two hours.

The psychological effect of using the treadmill desk on your productivity at work is undeniable. The very many health benefits of using the treadmill desk include, but not limited to the following.

Benefits of the Treadmill Desk

  • You burn calories on the go

Walking is the most straightforward exercise there is, when you start using the treadmill desk, you begin to use the stored up fats in your body for constant energy. Treadmill desks can make you fitter and avoid the risk of health problems associated with obesity and being overweight. Osteoporosis, Type 2 diabetes, low blood pressure, or even cancer, are some potentially deadly diseases affiliated with obesity, the treadmill desk will help you cut the risk of these diseases and live a healthier and more productive life.

  • Increased productivity and creativity

You should see the treadmill as a great tool to multitask with, you can workout while still exercising on the go. Walking is generally associated with productivity, creativity, and improved functionality. You can enhance your creativity by as much as seventy percent while walking as opposed to sitting. The treadmill lets you walk several miles while answering to your work as well, you can read, write, sort documents, use the computer, or even participate in a phone conference meeting while burning hundreds of calories.

  • Treadmill desks help your back in more ways than one

The continuous motion will ensure theta you engage more muscles because you tend to attain different postures as opposed to sitting. Regular sitting at the desk in your sedentary job can do terrible things to your back, it might even have a long-term effect on your back after you stopped sitting at the desk. Aside from nursing everyday backache after each long hours of sitting at the desk, a sedentary lifestyle can also affect your posture because by hunching over the counter, your spine is being trained to assume that posture. And by that, you end up spending about a third of your day either lying down or sitting.

  • You avoid potentially harmful diseases

One study involving one hundred thousand participants showed that participants who say at the desk for up to six hours in a day have a much higher chance of dying by diseases associated with obesity. Using a Treadmill desk will help you burn calories, increase metabolic rate, induce proper mental performance, and ensure improved longevity.

  • Treadmill desks boost your cognitive function

By swapping sitting desks for Treadmill desks, your brain will be able to do more, your mental capacity will improve tremendously, you will get to handle multiple tasks at once while also avoiding slipping off the treadmill, there’s improved alertness, memory, and concentration. Improper diet and little or no fitness activities can significantly affect your mental power and subsequently affecting your ability to focus.

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How to Prevent Injuries When Starting a New Exercise Routine

When it comes to starting a new exercise routine or starting any sort of exercise routine for that matter, the easiest thing to do is to cause yourself injuries. Of course, you don’t mean to, but you likely don’t think about the changes your body is about going to through and how to prepare it for the torture ahead.

To help you out in this regard, below are some great tips to help you prevent fitness injuries.

Why Are You Running?

Okay, so maybe you are running because you have taken up the activity. However, this tip is really geared towards running so fast.

The most common mistake which people make when starting exercise is to jump straight into it. This includes those who are increasing their exercise level.

Instead of going from sitting on the couch to a full exercise routine, ease yourself into the change and let your body adjust as you go. More often than not, this will not only prevent injuries but also improve your performance.

What Are You Wearing?

No, you don’t have to go out and buy the latest fashions, but you do need the right gear. This means that if you are taking up running, be sure that you have the correct running shoes. Similarly, if you are taking up cardio exercises, check out the Groupon Coupons page for Rue 21 to pick up some loose clothing which can keep you comfortable and dry as you exercise.

Whatever style or brand you buy, just be sure that it is appropriate for the type of exercise that you will be doing and that it allows your body to have full movement while you workout.


Do you remember the times when people would tell you that a shot of alcohol can help your body heal? Ignore them! Instead, stick to water or another sports based drink to keep your body hydrated. Even if this means that you need to stop every two minutes to take a drink, if this is what your body needs, then be sure to do it.

Stretch it Out

Stretching is boring. There’s no denying that. However, stretching isn’t supposed to be an exciting activity. Instead, the sole purpose of stretching is to prepare your body for and help your body to recover from any level of exercise.

This means that if you are just going to a quick run or walk, stretch first. If you are lifting weights, stretch first. And no matter which exercise you choose to do, always stretch after! If you are familiar with the pain felt the day after an intense workout then you are familiar with lactic acid. Stretching after your workout helps to release any tense muscles along with promoting air and oxygen supply, reducing the level of pain and discomfort you feel the next day.

When it comes to exercise, it is something everybody can do, you just need to make sure you go about it the right way. In addition to the tips above, always be sure that you are listening to your body. If you need to slow down, then slow down. If you need to stop, then stop.

Fitness Health – Is There Pre-Workout Nutrition Required To Fuel Your Training?

Becoming fitter and healthier can be a real challenge. When you have been a bit inactive for a while and aren’t sure where to start everything can look impossible. For most, they dislike the idea of training because it’s hard and not something they are used to either. However, there is a lot of talk about fueling your training sessions in order to get more from them but is it really needed? You wouldn’t think fueling your training would be necessary and yet it has become a must!. If you are interesting in reading information about Fitness & Health Tip – Can You Make A Healthy Pasta Dish?, click at

Be Wary Of Protein Shakes and Supplements before a Workout

Pre-workout nutrition can be great simply because a workout can take so much out of you; but, you do need to ensure the right product is used. Protein bars and energy bars can be great but you need to ensure you don’t consume too much at any one time. What’s more, you can sometimes find your body doesn’t always react well to exercising after eating, even an energy bar. Sometimes, you are better stocking up an hour at least before the workout with protein bars and water or shakes. You should give your body ample time to digest what has been consumed and you shouldn’t feel too sick. Of course, everyone is different so you might have to try a pre-workout nutrition routine in order to find the right one.

Fitness Health – Is There Pre-Workout Nutrition Required To Fuel Your Training?

Create A Workout Routine and Stick to It

Pre-workout nutrition can be a hit and miss for some. There are some who say they don’t feel as though they get an affect workout when they load up on protein before exercising and others who say the opposite. It’s hard to know for sure if pre-workout nutrition is needed as everyone is different. You have to do what’s best for you and it wouldn’t hurt to contact a professional nutritionist or health care provider. It might be the better solution to say the least so that you find the best solution. What’s more, you should create a simple routine to begin with and keep to it so that your body is able to adjust. Information about health care provide can be sought by clicking here.

Always Stay Hydrated

It’s important to hydrate your body before, during, and after a workout. When you are hydrated your body can feel fresher and more alert which is very important. Also, you will be less likely to run into trouble during your exercise. You need to ensure you remain hydrated at all times and it’ll help you more than you think. If you are dehydrated it can be a lot harder to carry out your workout routines.

Become Healthier

Your fitness should be a priority even when you think you’re in decent shape. There are always things which can be done to help improve your fitness and keep you healthier for longer. Far too many people don’t take their health or fitness seriously and end up less than healthy. There are lots of simple and effective ways to keep on top of your health and feel much more positive about the situation too.